Corporate Vision

To create delicious encounters

To bring smiles of good food to people all over the world..

Koichi Nishimura GLOBAL FOOD CREATORS Co.,LTD. President Koichi Nishimura

Japanese cuisine has developed in a unique manner nurtured by the beautiful natural features of Japan. Japan has four beautiful seasons. We are blessed with the richness of nature of each individual season. Those diverse blessings have developed our unique food culture. Dishes that are beautiful to the eye, delicious to the palate, and gentle to the body—we believe that Japan’s food culture is something that we can be proud of before the whole world.

Ever since its foundation, Global Food Creators (GFC) has striven toward its goal of disseminating the virtues of Japanese food culture nationwide through our planning, development, and sale of commercial processed food. Going forward, GFC is determined to realize its dream of spreading Japanese food culture around the world and popularizing foodstuffs from around the world in Japan to contribute to the diet, health, and smiles of the Japanese people.

Given the present situation with a full-fledged food service industry and the aging population, GFC intends to support people’s diets by proposing products based on Japanese food and by establishing the GFC brand as a brand that customers can trust. In the future, the needs for security, safety, and health in food will be certain to grow and we are committed to keep developing products with a focus on the planning and development of products that can meet diversifying needs.

Based on our corporate philosophy of pursuing delicious encounters to creating the affluence and dreams of food culture, we will continue to concentrate on Japan’s food culture of Japan and propose encounters with new good tastes.

We also wish to be a company that contributes to customers and to society by constantly making further efforts as the entire staff by keeping in mind the joy of work, gratitude and trust, and creation and challenge as the keywords form the foundation of our endeavors. All our officers and employees are determined to make concerted efforts to support the development of food culture toward environmental conservation and the prosperous future of humanity.

We would like to ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.

Corporate Profile
(as of March 31, 2020)
Headquarters 978-1 Dendai. Kasamatsu-cho.
Hashima-gun Gifu pref. 501-6193, Japan
Establishment August 1972
President Koichi Nishimura
Major business Wholesaling of foodstuff for business use
Capital 2,344 million JPY
Fiscal year end March 31
Net sales
(March 31 2020)
26,253million JPY (consolidated)
23,391million JPY (unconsolidated)

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